Tree Tops Lodge and Estate Rotorua

Highlights from the Ring of Fire Mountain Running Race at Mt Ruapehu

A montage edit of activities within the Ruapehu Region

Teaser for the launch of the Ring of Fire Ultra-marathon and Relay around Mt Ruapehu - Click here for more information

Pre Season Season Pass Sales Video for Mt Ruapehu

A short promotional Teaser prodcued for RAG2E Mountain Bike Guides operating out of National Park Village, in the central North Island of New Zealand

The Moari Rock Carvings - Mine Bay Taupo
In support of a Farmer Clarke production for Tourism New Zealand and Destination Great lake Taupo to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Carvings, Plateau Productions produced a variety of aerial clips.

Visit Ruapehu TVC
Part three of three 30 sec % 15 sec TVC's for Visit Ruapehu promoting mountain biking within the region

NZ Bomb Competition
The highlights clip of the inaugural NZ Bomb compettion