Last Updated: 0830 20 AUG

Ski Area: OPEN

Unlimited visibility with a light southwest breeze

Snow Conditions:
Last Snowfall: 18 Aug
Lower Mountain: 100cm
Upper Mountain: 250cm

Cool temps overnight have kept the snow in great condition. All trails are groomed. Conditions on exposed ridges are firm but will soften throughout the day. There's plenty of great wind blown powder in the gullies

Access Road: OPEN 4WD and AWD

The road is clear right up to the base area for 4wd and AWD. If you are using 2WD please call ahead on 0800tukino and we'll pick you up in our shuttle from the 2WD carpark.


Whangaehu Tow: OPEN
Aorangi Tow: OPEN
Portable Tow: OPEN
Cat Skiing: OPEN